Discount and Cheap Refrigerators Reviewed

Are you thinking about buying a low price fridge? Forget about high-end and expensive refrigerator models, there is no need not worry about the quality of a cheap refrigerator when there are many great discount refrigerators that have integrated form and function into a small package available at remarkably affordable prices.

Contrary to what some people may encourage you to believe, there are many refrigerator freezers in the market that are made cheaper specifically so as to be accessible for everyone, especially to those who are short on cash.  Not only that, these discounted refrigerators do not compromise quality and thus are very practical for those who are financially challenged.

Making refrigerator designs that are financially accessible for everyone is one of the best reasons why the refrigeration industry still continues to thrive on despite the increasing number of brands and models in the marketplace.  Because of the continuing proliferation of cheap and affordable refrigerators today, the market for refrigerators has been quite competitive over the last decade.

Even though focusing too much on the price of the refrigerator may not be the smartest idea when you are out shopping for a refrigerator, you cannot help but consider the price tag because in the end it is the primary factor that is going to determine the units’ affordability.

Ultimately, with the growing number of discount fridges it’s not easy to simply buy a refrigerator from the best refrigerator brand.  The prices for refrigerator units that are discounted in most walk-in stores and home appliance centers has decreased over time owing to the intense competition in the market today.  Brands like Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, GE, Danby and many more are now made accessible with the lowered price tags – but they do not compromise on the cooling efficiency and performance that are expected from them.

The usual myth surrounding cheap refrigerators “not good enough for refrigeration” can now be debunked this time.  With a discount fridge freezer manufactured by any of those reputable brands, you can now be sure that cheap does not have to be associated with poor quality.

Sub Zero Refrigerators Reviewed

When you ask people what refrigerator manufacturer they consider to be the best, many choose Subzero as the best refrigerator brand available in the market today. Despite high prices for Subzero refrigerators, people largely think that they produce the best fridge freezers available.  Unfortunately, largely due to those high prices most people considers them unaffordable; for this reason, they remain dream refrigerators for many.

So what is it makes Subzero so special that they are held in such high regard?  For one thing, subzero is known to produce very stylish refrigerators. Their styles and designs follow the latest trends in home interiors and design. Since the popular trend in kitchen design right now is the modern and commercial look, Subzero manufactures refrigerators, which are made from imposing steel so as to create a professional look for the residential kitchen. Their components are very high tech too; featuring niceties such as LCD monitors and sophisticated controls panels, which make their refrigerators, look very sophisticated.

Aside from their physical appearance, Subzero refrigerators are special because of their practice of using only the best materials in their appliances. Their refrigerator lineups use high-end compressors, solid shelves and shatter resistant glass drawers. They also use make use of a sophisticated dual refrigeration system for their units refrigeration cycle, which allow their refrigerators to keep different temperatures in each of their compartments.  This functionality optimized the efficiently of food preservation and keeps food items fresh and safe for consumption for prolonged periods of time.

Subzero refrigerators are great energy savers too. Their compressors use very little power considering their strength, and they are very well insulated to prevent excessive heat transfer.

With all these great positive reviews for Sub zero refrigerators, it is no surprise that many people would like to have their own Sub-zero refrigerator in their household. Those who can afford it do not hesitate to purchase a unit because while they are certainly not cheap refrigerators, users are assured of dependability and reliability as well as the best value for their money.

French Door Refrigerators Reviewed

French door refrigerators are a great new style of fridge freezer that have obtained many fans in recent years.  These uniquely configured appliances feature a two-door refrigerator that sites on top of a one or more freezer drawers.  A French door refrigerator freezer is thus the perfect combination of a side by side and a bottom freezer model, combining the benefits of both into one convenient form factor.

With the double door of the regular side-by-side unit, manufacturers are able to equip them with those popular in door features, the filtered icemaker and drinking water dispensers. These have typically been difficult to implement in single door designs.

Also of benefit is that since both doors open to a refrigerator, all the refrigerated space is at a convenient height that is easily accessible.  The less used freezer space is kept below out of the way as in bottom mounted freezer designs.

By dedicating the full width of the appliance to the freezer, it is possible to implement a drawer – sometimes even two or three – in the freezer compartment. Having multiple full width drawers really expands on the freezer space you would find in a side-by-side model, and offers some of the organizational potential typically only found in freezer baskets within full size chest freezers.

The French door refrigerator reviews are in, and this style is a real winner! The question now is what brands you should look at.  Thankfully, the market is offering plenty of choices.   Many different manufacturers offer these models.

GE is my personal favorite.  I am a big fan of the GE Monogram refrigerator lineup, and the GE Profile models are pretty nice too.  If I were purchasing a French door refrigerator today, I would probably buy from the GE Monogram French door selection.

Other choices that are strong candidate include Whirlpool, Amana and GE.  Frigidaire, a refrigeration specialist, also offers a solid range of products to choose from.

The one downside of French door models is their price.  If you are looking for a cheap refrigerator, you will be sorely disappointed by this category of cooling appliances.  These are high-end refrigerators, and tend to be purchased by shoppers who don’t mind paying a little extra for premium appliances for their kitchen.  If that describes you, then I can heartily recommend this type of fridge to you!


Accessories For Chest Freezers

Whether you have a commercial chest freezer or a horizontal freezer unit designed for home applications, you may want to consider exploring for parts and accessories for this particular freezer type to optimize your freezing and enhance your storage convenience.

Available items can be as simple as a security lock or as handy as a range of deep freezer baskets. If there’s a cooling system that highlights more on function than anything else, then it’s got to be freezer, specifically, a chest freezer.

A chest freezer functions primarily as an extra storage solution.  Big, bulky and ergonomically generous, chest freezers are designed to store a large bulk of food – most likely meat and other frozen products.  In the context of commercial refrigeration and storage solutions, the chest freezers are seen to be the most practical choices because they are highly dependable, well optimized in terms of space and cooling performance and they are just plain reliable.  The chest freezer is the least hassle type of freezer that will cause your the minimum of technical troubles, because they are made to last longer in heavy duty settings.

Aside from the longevity features of chest freezers, you can also count on one to store all your food and other commodities in the most efficient way through the range of deep freezer baskets available.  The freezer basket is the only storage feature that you would most likely find in chest freezers.  In most cases, a single purchase of a chest freezer only have two accompanying freezer baskets, but if you want more to efficiently organize the freezer, then you can buy this accessory at any appliance retail store near you.

Other freezer accessories that you may want to explore water valve, door basket seal, freezer lock, door gasket, lighting system parts – accessories that you can find virtually anywhere, both in online shopping sites and big boxed appliance stores.

GE Refrigerators – Troubleshooting Tips

A common technical issue or malfunction with refrigerators are ones that render them incapable of cooling.  A malfunctioning fridge is rarely a surprise. Refrigerator unit runs continuously day and night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – unless you have bought a high end refrigerator you are bound to need occasional repairs and maintenance now and then. But this is something that you shouldn’t need to worry about. Especially if it’s GE refrigerator repair and troubleshooting that we’re dealing with.

In most refrigerator reviews the brand GE fairs best in the aspects of accessibility, cost-effectiveness and marketability. Decent cooling performance at such a cost-effective price is something that makes a typical GE fridge appealing to most consumers. But just like other brand, there are also downsides when it comes to the GE refrigerator brand too.

In some reviews, some GE refrigerators – particularly the top freezer and bottom freezer designs with ice maker function – can have a repair rate for as high as 28%. But this simply proves the point is that a fridge is finicky when it has lots of features, as they make them more complicated to fix when things go wrong.

While it is true that some refrigerator experts would recommend you to settle for something simpler in cooling design and style, you can really trust this brand as it makes available GE refrigerator repair and troubleshooting tools that you can consult when you think something is wrong with your fridge.

On the official GE refrigerator website, you can do the following –

  • Send queries and questions to technical personnel using such as “refrigerator leaking”, “refrigerator noise”, “refrigerator too cold”, etc.;
  • Refer to the GE Appliance Knowledge Based, a comprehensive online manual for GE fridge owners; and,
  • Read the frequently asked questions section.

Or, better yet, you can always head over to the nearest GE appliance store so that a team of experts can check on your fridge.

Refrigerator Sizes and Dimensions

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new refrigerator is the refrigerators dimensions. There are different types of refrigerators that come in different shapes and sizes, and it is very important to know which refrigerator size will be best for your household. In general, refrigerators can be classified into three groups of sizes:  Mini, standard, and large sized refrigerators.

Mini fridge freezers are – naturally – small.  They have very limited dimensions and are capacity constrained. If you are a college student you may want to pick one of these units for your dorm room; a good way to do so is to visit a store and sort the refrigerators by size to find the one with the correct dimensions for you.  As well as dorm refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators are another variation of this type.

Standard sized refrigerators are, of course, the typical top or bottom mount freezer refrigerator units found in the average kitchen.  They have sufficient space for a middling sized family, but don’t require too much floor space for installation.  They are a relatively budget friendly fridge freezer and can be picked up pretty cheap.

Your typical side-by-side or French Door style refrigerator is going to be relatively large.  These are not cheap refrigerators by any means, and require a lot of space for installation.  However, if you have the cash – and the floor space – they provide a lot of capacity and some pretty good features too.

Most refrigerator reviews will contain information on both the fridge dimensions and the fridge capacity.  Use this data to make an intelligent buying decision so that you do not end up with a too large refrigerator that you cannot fit inside your house, but at the same time don’t end up with one too small to meet your families storage needs.



LG Refrigerators Reviewed

LG refrigerators are the smart solution for any shopper seeking more space, sophisticated looks and better features in their refrigeration appliance.  When you purchase a well reviewed refrigerator from LG you can rest assure you are getting one of the best refrigerator brands available in stores today. So what are some of the great features you can get with an LG fridge freezer?

Firstly they come loaded with shelf space. The icemakers in the latest LG french door refrigerators are cunningly concealed within the door, leaving more space for shelving than you would think possible. Not only that, but the water and ice dispenser in the latest 4-Door LG refrigerator is tall enough to allow a pitcher to be filled from the receptacle, making it outstandingly practical!

Newer LG models include their sophisticated Linear compressor motor, which has very few moving parts.  The reliability of this technology allows LG to offer a ten year warranty on certain portions of their refrigeration system.

Another benefit of this compressor technology is that it come with dual evaporators, similar to those seen in high end sub zero refrigerators. These allow the operator to maintain temperature and humidity within the refrigeration and frozen food compartment at the optimal settings for preserving food as long as possible.

The styling is remarkable on modern LG refrigerators.  With remarkable features including hidden hinges and contoured doors, the outside of your fridge freezer will look just as wonderful as the well lit interior.  Style wise you have the choice of the traditional side-by-side look, French 3 door refrigerators, and French 4 door refrigerators which feature 2 distinct easy slide freezer drawers.

The handle on the freezer drawers is a marvel of ergonomics. Simply lift the handle gently to allow easy entry to the freezer.  Not only that ,but the freezer drawer itself has a 3-tiered storage system inside, giving you a series of easily arrange baskets for keeping your frozen goods in order.  LG scores big with this feature!

Some of the great refrigerators by LE include the 3 door LFX31925ST, the 4 door LNX28988ST, the LSC24971ST, and the somewhat smaller refrigerator by size, the LDC22720ST.

No matter what LG appliance you need – whether an expensive or cheap refrigerator –  this company makes products that will meet your requirements.




Kenmore refrigerators have been available for many decades now.  Long a mainstay in the appliance department at Sears, these fridge freezers have graced many an American kitchen in the second half of the twentieth century.

Being relatively cheap refrigerators, they are a good option for first time homeowners – or those simply looking to buy appliances without spending too much.  While there are some people who think that the Kenmore brand lacks a certain something – i.e. status – most of would rather have a discount refrigerator than an expensive one.

A Kenmore fridge freezer compared to a premium brand like a Subzero refrigerator is comparable to a Ford Escort versus a BMW.  The second option is a lot more glamorous and fun, but the first option does the same basic tasks.

Kenmore fridges are available in all the different styles that buyers favor these days.  There are the cheapest top mount freezer styles, and the slightly pricier – and more desirable – bottom mount freezer styles.  Stepping up another level come the ever popular Kenmore Side-By-Side refrigerator freezers, and at the very top-end price wise come the French Door models.

In modern times Sears has expanded its appliance selection beyond the bare basic Kenmore units to include other options that are considered by many to be some of the best refrigerator brands.  It is wroth noting however, that many Kenmore refrigerator reviews place them as just as good as some of these premium alternatives.

Whether you seek out Kenmore refrigerators or not, Sears is definitely a great place to do your appliance shopping.



Freezer Benefits for your Home and Diet

Freezers can be a great tool when it comes time to go on a diet.  You may not have thought of the benefits of a large freezer for dietary purposes before, so I will discuss here why by using our freezers more often, we can actually eat more and yet lose weight.

Food critics are loath to admit it, but frozen foods are not without merit. If you are a fan of certain fruits and vegetables it is possible to buy them in bulk when they are in season, and freeze them for use year around.  If that sounds like to much work you can also buy frozen from stores. Companies choose  fruits and vegetables when they are sufficiently ripe, and then blanch them to eliminate microorganisms and enzymes that can cause food to lose color and its texture. The food is then rapidly frozen and can be eaten many months later.

By having a good supply of your favorite foods frozen in an upright or chest freezer, you have healthy options when you are hungry. Instead of succumbing to the urge to run down tto your favorite fast food restaurant (yuk) you can simply defrost something less calorie laden from your freezer.

Not only fresh produce can be frozen; meats can also. It is possible to buy huge cuts of meat – even a whole cow chopped up – for storage in your chest freezer.  If you are trying to lose weight you can seek out lower fat meats.  Grass fed beef is one great option, but there are also many delicious game animals available from specialist retailers that do not cost too much when purchased in bulk.

Keeping a supply of these meats in your freezer ensures you can cater to your carnivorous  cravings in a relatively healthy way.  Not only do you start with a healthier cut of meat, but you can also cook it in   a healthy manner – something that is not always done at restaurants.

A cheap chest freezer can be a good investment for the home.  Pair it with a cheap refrigerator and you should find that all your refrigeration needs are covered.




Whirlpool Refrigerators Reviewed

Whirlpool refrigerators – and the other appliances they produce – are a well known and well regarded brand.  While there is some debate as to whether they qualify as one of the best refrigerator brands, there is certainly no arguing they are a great value proposition.

Whirlpool Top Mount Freezer Cheap Refrigerators

Buyers seeking cheap refrigerators have some great choices available in the Whirlpool lineup. For as little as seven hundred dollars – even less if you can grab a sale – you can get a fine top mounted fridge freezer from this firm.  While a unit at this price may only stores up to 15 cubic feet, for many homeowners that is more than sufficient.  If you, personally, need more capacity it does not cost a whole lot more money to buy large units in this form factor.

Whirlpool Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerators

Units of this style cost somewhat what – starting over $1000 dollars – but offers significantly more features. They are more convenient to use, as the refrigerated compartment is at standing height, but use a little more electricity due to the freezer being at ground level.  The Whirlpool Gold GB2FHDXWB is one unit that garners excellent refrigerator reviews.

Whirlpool Side by Side Fridge Freezers

Price points range widely for this portion of the Whirlpool range.  The bargain basement model discount refrigerator sells for $999, but there are also extremely high end loaded units of this type for over $2500. As a shopper you have plenty of options to look at here.  One well reviewed refrigerator is the ED2KVEXVB.

Whirlpool French Door Refrigerators

Consumers with dollars to spare will enjoy what this range of fridge freezers has to offer.  There are several different Energy Star rated Whirlpool models of the French Door style available, but the cheapest of them all is close to seventeen hundred dollars.  While units like the GX5FHDXVY are extremely stylish, they are certainly not for budget shoppers.

While Whirlpool is not as well regarded by many as more expensive brands like GE and Amana, they offer a solid value.  If prestige is something you are interested in then consider an expensive Subzero refrigerator; but if you just want a decent fridge freezer Whirlpool is a very strong contender.




Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Reviewed – A Cheaper Alternative

When the time comes to trade up to a new discount refrigerator, or refrigerator-freezer combo, there are a numeral of factors that need to be careful considered before you make your purchase decisions.  Factors that will influence your buying process fall into three main categories:

  • Where the appliance will be installed.
  • The load that will be placed on the fridge freezer.
  • The total cost of ownership of the refrigerator

Firstly installation.  How much refrigerator you can purchase largely depends on where you will install it.  This factor is potentially the single most limiting item in buying your new refrigerator.  The great thing about bottom freezer refrigerators is that they have a relatively modest footprint, this means they can be installed even when space is relatively constrained.

Secondly is the load.  By this I mean how much food and drink will you need to squeeze into your refrigerator.  Refrigerator sizes vary widely, so you will want to be sure the model you choose is large enough to cater to your storage requirement. As you can see, refrigerator dimensions are important on both the upper and lower ends.

Lastly comes cost.  Everyone wants cheap refrigerators, but also wants the fancy functionality.  Many fridge freezers do come with a lot of nice features, but you tend to pay a lot for those models.  One great thing is that bottom mount freezers units can be had with very few unneeded features, which make them perfect if you are looking for a discount refrigerator model.

For anyone seeking a relatively modest refrigerator for their kitchen, a bottom freezer refrigerator is always going to be one of the better options.  Thankfully there are many great models to choose from, and all the best refrigerator brands have entries in this segment of the market.

Note that just because they are moderately priced you do not necessarily end up with junk products.  Refrigerator reviews for these lower price point appliances identify many that are very well rated and will serve you well.